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Candido Soto has been working in theater and film for over half his life. He grew up in Deltona, Florida and after seeing his first play at age five he fell in love with acting. At the age of eight he was founded by the theater troupe Phantasmagoria and has been performing in professional theater since. He started in film at the age of ten and has been a part of many films and tv shows. While he enjoys acting, he also enjoys writing, drawing, singing, riding his bike, stage combat and video games. Candido will soon be the lead in a feature film called Terror Run. Where he and a young girl risk their life to save his village. He was also a part of a beautiful project called The Gift, which can be seen on You Tube.

Candido Soto III

Welcome! I’m Candido Soto III

Actor/ Voice Actor/Writer

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Current Projects

The City of Children 

From Writer/Creator & Director: Brooke Grondin comes s TV Series of EPIC proportions
The City of Children is a future dystopian series about a group of citizens from Buxton, Maine who leave their secluded town & journey north to find out the truth about what happened to their world.



Terror Run – Supernatural Horror – When a mother and daughter become stranded for the night at a haunted village they get unwittingly caught up in a deadly race against the clock pursued by an evil spirit.

Candido will be playing Brett the lead male who needs help saving his village. 

Any Witch Way 

Any Witch Way

Recently Finished Projects

Written by Candido Soto III – Nominated for Best Original Screenplay

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